Nederlands Watermuseum


Inleiding: Dutch Water Museum in Arnhem, The Netherlands, focuses on information about all aspects of (fresh) water, such as water management, drinking water and water treatment. The museum opened in 2004 and has been operating without basic government support ever since.

Hoewel het museum nog steeds populair is, heeft het een upgrade nodig. Het museum vertrouwde TDAC de realisatie van een bidbook toe.

De aanpak:

We began the process with a one-day workshop defining the mission and goals for the renewed museum. Together with the museum’s creative team, we developed an initial vision of what the renewed museum might look like. This vision formed the basis for a feasibility study and in collaboration with potential exhibit builders, a CAPEX estimate.

TDAC stelde vervolgens het 35 bladzijden tellende bidbook samen, dat nu onderweg is naar potentiƫle investeerders, sponsors en andere belanghebbenden.