Puy du Fou Meppel feasibility study

Second Opinion Market study for Puy Du Fou Meppel

The Dutch province Drenthe likes to attract a big theme park to the region and approached the French storytelling showpark Puy du Fou. Puy du Fou conducted a study and selected the city of Meppel as the preferred location. Meppel asked TDAC for a second opinion on the market situation.

Based on previous work for the city of Meppel, TDAC was well acquainted with the specific situation at this location. This knowledge formed the basis for further database market research on the existing tourism market and population in the region. 

From Puy du Fou, TDAC received valuable input on the performance of the existing parks in France and Spain. Analyzing the input from these two sources gave TDAC a relatively good picture of a the potential for a Puy du Fou park at that location. Based on the historical data, the TDAC team along with Kleve Consultancy formed a view of the potential market on the expected opening day for Puy du Fou in Meppel.

The second opinion market study was delivered in a comprehensive digital report.