Brand Experience Centers and Museums have to deal with many different interests and stake holders. Sometimes these are conflicting. It is common to struggle with:

  • Finding the balance between guests’ demands and authenticity.
  • Balancing between stakeholders and content.
  • Education and fun
  • Dreams and Budgets
  • Traditional and use of technology

This makes finding the balance a real challenge!

TDAC has worked on many Museums and Brand Experience Centers projects across Europe, USA and the Middle East. Based on all these experiences we created several approach plans for specific Museum and Brand Experience Centers, but all with the same starting point: Making the guest central to all decisions. From there we balance stories, collections, corporate values, authenticity, education, budgets and yes, Fun!

We get projects in focus, have them provide clear messages. We create path for them to success, including meeting the business goals. After finding the focus, we guide our clients in finding the right design, production, operations and investment partners from our extensive worldwide network.  We are not claiming that there won’t be challenges along the way to success, but we are sure that with our extensive experience in your business field we will help you and your team avoid many surprises along the road!

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