It’s a cliché, but it’s true. It all started unexpectedly, with a question….

An investor was uncertain. Despite feasibility studies that showed there was a market for a new leisure destination, they were not sure it was the right thing to do. They were not convinced the proposed concept was correct for the market and asked for advice.

They were not the only investor dealing with this challenge. Others were struggling too. They were looking for the right balance between creativity and economics. They had questions about place making, crowd handling, hospitality. 

TDAC was founded.

Our clients include developers, governments and existing attraction operators. Our core philosophy of “Finding the balance between creativity, hospitality and the business case” is at the basis of anything we do.

Our services are based on first-hand experience and knowledge that each of us has gained from more than 25 years working in multiple (executive) roles in the attractions and tourism industry around the world. The TDAC team consists of European based top level professionals in their fields, each with a long track record and all understanding that in developing a successful tourist attraction there is one important factor above all others: the guest. With different backgrounds, our team members approach leisure and tourist attractions from the perspective of the guest. This approach will lead to wonderful and valuable discussions between hard figures, emotions and feelings with the ultimate goal of finding the balance to success!

With a many decades long perspective of developments in the attraction industry around the world, we know the value of expertise and openly admit that we don’t have all the knowledge ourselves. But we know where to get specialized knowledge. But we know where to get specialized knowledge. We have an extensive network within the leisure and hospitality industry that we are able to tap to assist our clients in the best way in their complex business decisions.