Experience Counts! – With a team of leisure, attraction & tourism consultants who all have over 25 years of experience at Executive level in more than 100 collective leisure and tourism projects worldwide, we focus on creating the right guest experience within our clients’ projects. The result is a positive impact on the Return on Investment of these investors and operators and/or an impact on tourism numbers in cities or regions

Based on this long experience, we understand that building or operating a successful leisure project is not easy. There are many things to consider, decide and balance.

  • Balancing between Budgets and Creativity.
  • Balancing between the Natural Environment and Development.
  • Balancing between Dreams and Return on Investment.
  • Balancing between Markets and Courage.
  • Balancing between Education and Fun.
  • Balancing between Guests and Staff
  • Balancing between “Tried and True” and “Never Been Done”
  • And many other balancing questions…

The success of any attraction, tourist destination or leisure project is the perfect art of balancing. TDAC will guide you in balancing the tight rope from a first idea to successful opening or rebalancing an existing operation.

The European based Tourist Destination & Attractions Consultancy (TDAC) team honed their skills at world famous design firms, theme parks and brand centers. Each TDAC partner brings Executive Level experience and unique perspectives from the many aspects needed to create successful projects. We are outside experts that become part of the client’s team to analyze situations, imagine various scenarios and balance all parameters to achieve the optimal solution and business case. We guide your design and operations teams. We work with clients at an executive level finding the balance to achieve your business goals.