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TDAC - Tourist Destination Advisors and Consultancy

TDAC BV provides consultancy services for companies active in the field of Tourist Destination Development, Brand Centers, Cultural Attractions, Shopping malls and Theme Parks.

Our team has decades of experience in the development management of Tourist Destination projects, Brand Centers and Experience Museums in many European and Middle Eastern countries.

With our wealth of experience:

- We advice clients in the process of developing or reinventing a tourist destination project.

- We get clients (back) in focus. The world's most succesful Entertainment projects are built up with a strong focus. With our processes we will find the right focus for your project.

- We develop business plans, in close co-operation with our clients.

- We advice in high-level feasibility, design and operations.

- We act as client representatives during the whole process.

- We help our clients to select highly professional design and operational companies.

- We assist in finding suppliers that can be trusted.

Our added value is more than 25 years of experience and an extensive worldwide network !

TDAC is a small company and we like to do the things we do. That makes it fun and efficient to work with us. And not only with us. We offer you our enormous network of the worlds best high level consultants and experts.

Please contact us for more info at info@tdacint.nl or at +31 616 872 676