Many real estate & mall developers recognize that visitors want to spend their scare time in an enjoyable way.  This trend will continue as competition for time increases. Many real estate developers are unsure how to integrate leisure into their project. They often rely on the easy solution: adding a ready-made, off-the-shelf leisure activity plugged into some empty square meters. In the amusement park and attraction world, we abandoned this way of thinking decades ago. We have learned that through a holistic storytelling approach, based on central themes and a balanced design and execution, guest satisfaction will increase, resulting in a better business case.

TDAC brings the expertise of designing and operating award-winning attractions theme parks to real estate & mall developers. investors and owners . The real estate clients we have worked with have seen that our years of experience will provide a fresh perspective extending far beyond beautiful architecture and space planning alone. Through intensive brainstorming sessions, we shake up your team and challenge them to think from a different perspective. We help real estate investors make the right decisions by answering questions like:

  • How does adding leisure increase my ROI ?
  • What is the effect on our business plans by changing the size or investment of the entertainment offering ?
  • What will happen to my ROI if I invest more in details like show lighting, decoration and/or live entertainment ?
  • How can leisure help to create identity in a different way ?
  • What is the added value of adding free entertainment to my development ?

There are hundreds of other relevant questions that need to be asked and answered when creating entertaining destinations. We ask and answer all these questions from the initial design phase to when the first guests arrive and continue asking questions after to ensure the best guest experience in the future. 

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