Developing or operating attractions is a constant search for the right balance between investment, great guest experience, hospitality and profitability. Decisions made now will affect your long-term Return On Investment. Some of these decisions are based on research or hard figures, but many of these decisions are related to the choices of guests.

In the attractions industry the emotional status of your guests strongly influences the success of your business. Strangely enough there isn’t a lot of scholary research or hard facts on the influence of guests’ emotions. This lack of data drives the decision process toward making choices based on instinct and experience. With TDAC’s many years and diverse experience in this industry, we can give you insight into guests’ emotional reactions. We analyze the effect on the business case with you, helping you to make these kinds of difficult decisions. It is often a matter of balancing:

  • What if we invest less or more, how will that influence our revenue?
  • What if we change location, will that have a positive effect?
  • Are we targeting the right audience, or will another audience spend more?
  • Does this location for F&B or other Point of Sales create the right revenue?
  • This supplier is more expensive, but how does that relate in the long run?
  • How often do we need to reinvest and how much?
  • Are we offering the right mix of experiences?
  • How are we performing in our existing operation?
  • Is the Intellectual property we use, the right IP ?
  • Are we marketing enough or correctly?

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