Our Services

We advise Executive Managers active in leisure or tourism in making balanced business decisions. We provide quick analyses and solutions or we stay on board for a longer period to help guide and advice. During development phases we love to act as client representatives, looking “over your shoulders” to every step in the project. Our analysis and advisory services cover the broadest perspective of visitor attractions. Here are some specific areas we can help you:

  • Client representatives roles
  • Expert views on existing operations
  • Business strategy review & development
  • Investment analysis and services
  • Advisory services on expansion or new to build attraction developments
  • Advisory services on tourism development
  • Business and Operations audits, analysis and advisories
  • Creating Business plans
  • Feasibility studies
  • Develop or improve operations plans
  • Second opinion analyses
  • Brand messaging
  • Place making advisory services
  • Creating focus
  • Create and implement project lifecycle strategies
  • Qualify, selection and monitoring of design teams
  • Qualify, selection and monitoring of (attraction)suppliers
  • Hospitality training
  • Cost estimation and validation
  • Strategic Roadmaps
  • Mission, Vision and Values

All our services include experience in over 100 projects worldwide.