City Concorde Mall, Leisure Development

The Case

City Concorde is a privately owned shopping centre in Luxembourg. The shopping centre distinguishes itself by focusing mainly on local brands and a relatively large offer of food and beverage outlets. This gives it a unique and exclusive character which makes it one of the most visited malls in Luxembourg.

In the owner’s vision, City Concorde is not a standard shopping centre, but a “Lifestyle Destination”. His goal is for City Concorde to become a destination where people spend their leisure time. In combination with Pleisureworld, TDAC was asked to develop a vision to add leisure, increase the length of stay and attract specific target groups.

The Approach

After researching the Luxembourg market, both through a visit to Luxembourg and desk research, we developed a vision with different scenarios, including SWOT matrices and target group descriptions. Based on this information, a direction was chosen. This vision is currently in development under the supervision of TDAC.