We were the Cultural advisors for the World Food Experience in Ede, The Netherlands.

World Food Experience

The Case

The region around the Dutch village Ede is globally known for the food industry. The worldwide renowned agricultural university, Wageningen University is located here.

A former military base, adjacent to the Ede/Wageningen intercity station became available for redevelopment. This site is the perfect location for a long-standing idea: an Experience Centre about the importance of food and the role of the region in this industry.

The World Food Experience chose BRC Imagination Arts as the designer for this prestigious project. TDAC acted as local cultural advisors and business advisor for the World Food Experience on behalve of BRC.

The Approach

TDAC advised the project developers on processes, investment levels and budget allocations. The developers were successful in securing the budgets, after which the project entered a new round of bidding.

The world know design company BRC Imagination Arts was one of the tendering companies for this project. Based on our relationship, TDAC’s knowledge of the project and the local culture, TDAC joined the BRC team as a (cultural) advisor until finishing the Design Detail phase. After this phase the project ended for BRC and turned towards other contractors.

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