Mall entertainment development

Developing a mall entertainment strategy plan

The Case

Ukrainian retailing powerhouse Epicentre K has come a long way since its department store origins 20 years ago. They’ve transformed themselves into a trendsetting wholesale leader not just in Ukraine, but beyond its borders.

Now, with their sights set on further growth, Epicentre K is embarking on an exciting new chapter: developing entertainment areas within their stores. This initiative marks the beginning of a comprehensive mall entertainment strategy, promising to redefine the shopping experience for their customers.

The Approach

To craft the perfect entertainment strategy for Epicentre K, the TDAC team went beyond a desktop analysis. We embarked on a comprehensive journey, starting with a visit to Lviv itself and immersed ourselves in the local experience:

  • We explored the city, absorbing the rich Ukrainian culture.
  • We analyzed the competitive landscape to understand the market dynamics.
  • A visit to the impressive Epicentre K mall provided invaluable insights.

This combination of on-site research and market analysis formed the foundation for a detailed market report. 

Building on this knowledge, TDAC, in collaboration with TconcepT architects, organized a two-day brainstorming session. We actively engaged with the Epicentre K owner, delving into their vision and aspirations. This collaborative approach, along with the built up understanding of local culture, laid a strong foundation for the next stage.

Recognizing the evolving Ukrainian leisure market, we created three distinct mall entertainment scenarios for Epicentre K. Each scenario explored different possibilities, tailored to their specific needs, which provides the owners a great insight in the possibilities. We also provided a clear recommendation, guiding them towards the most impactful option.

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