Croatia theme park business plan including feasibility by TDAC

Themepark Croatia

The Case:

Our client owns an amazing location in Croatia. On the edge of a canyon, overlooking a steep mountainside, this piece of land was one of the locations where famous films were shot in the past.

These specific movies are still immensely popular. This made our client wonder if there is a small theme park based on the movies logical at this location, or are there other approaches that would improve the feasibility?


TDAC, after extensive research in the region, many interviews and of course close cooperation with the client, created a balanced mix of attraction ideas. The attraction ideas still included a small theme park (which still might include the movie theme) in combination with other attraction ideas that focussed on the unique characteristics of this location. The ideas were turned into a business plan including a feasibility study for the theme park, the other attractions and combinations of the different elements. Based on these studies the ideas can further be further elaborated by specific design studios.

TDAC as theme park consultants, will continue to guide the client as client representative through the next phases of the site development.

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