Theme park development Turkey

Theme Park Development in Turkey

The Case

The Turkish real estate developer ISKA (as part of the Kaylon group) acquired a large piece of land near the new Istanbul airport. At this land they had the intention of developing a large new (outlet) shopping centre, with an adjacent Theme Park. The first vision for the theme Park and shopping centre was developed by ISKA. They asked a theme park designer for the theme park development and an architect to design a large shopping mall adjacent to the theme park. The developers approached TDAC, as theme park consultants, to evaluate the plans for this new theme park development in Turkey.

The Approach

After analysing the plans, TDAC prepared a report with feedback. This feedback led to the formation of a clear vision for the development. The idea of having the theme park next to the shopping mall disappeared. This now developed vision focussed on the guest experience and included a more integrated approach between leisure and shopping. The vision formed the basis for an international architect tender on which several major international architect companies replied.

However TDAC was still questioning if this location close to the busy Istanbul airport was the right location for a leisure development. Based partially on our information, the investor eventually decided to create a development purely based on large shopping stores at this location.

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