Lolland attraction consultants

Regional development plan: Lolland, Denmark

The Case

Starting in 2029, the Fehmern tunnel will form a new connection between Germany and Denmark. This new tunnel will shorten the travel time between Germany and Copenhagen and Malmö in Sweden. This tunnel will arrive at the Danish municipality of Lolland. Lolland is located on an island and has a southern coastline unique to Denmark. To promote tourism, TDAC as destination and attraction consultants was approached to identify the attractions needed to make the southern coast more attractive.

The Approach

After desktop research, the TDAC team went to Lolland to study the island, followed by a one day brainstorm with stakeholders. The brainstorm had two main goals: To have the stakeholders focus on the topic for a day and to give the TDAC team a chance to learn about the project from the inside. The result was a mission and objective statement that provided a great foundation for our team to plan attractions for the future tourism planning of Lolland. 

As a final result we presented a regional development plan presenting attractions that were affordable and did fit within the island’s DNA, including clear reasoning, benchmarks and statistics as to why these plans should be feasible at this location. 

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