Hossoland theme park feasibility study

Theme park business planning and feasibility

The case

Hosso is a private company, owning and operating several inner-city shopping centers in northern Poland. Some of these malls include leisure activities. As Hosso expands, they are planning to extend their leisure experience to a newly built theme park in northern Poland, called Hossoland.

Our approach

The owners of Hosso asked TDAC to assist them by creating a theme park business planning and feasibility study and report. We researched the site and conducted interviews in the region. We researched the economic situation and population. the information gathered during the local research formed the basis for our analysis based on our long experience as theme park consultants.

Of course, the theme park business planning and feasibility report included a market overview with expected visitor numbers and spending patterns as key factors. This led to a recommended size and investment recommendation for the park. However, the report went beyond the economic figures. With our experience in more than 100 projects worldwide, we recognised potential areas for improvement in the investment and construction plans. The report included additional recommendations to improve them.

Currently Hossoland is under construction, with an anticipated opening date in 2025.

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