Bommel Wereld theme park development

The case

Bommelwereld is a new cultural based indoor theme park development in The Netherlands. One of the TDAC the park consultants is involved as client representative.In this role, he advises the developer so that he can make the right decisions during the development.


Located in the east of the Netherlands, Marveld recreatie is a large resort with a hotel, luxury cottages and campsites. The owner, despite the park’s popularity among the Dutch, wanted to identify the resort with a real Dutch icon. The idea of creating an attraction around one of the most known comic strips in The Netherlands, “Meneer Bommel and Tom Poes” was born.

Cultural heritage

Maarten Toonder created 177 stories about their adventures. They ran daily in newspapers for half a century, are part of the Netherlands’ cultural heritage. Generations grew up with Meneer Bommel and Tom Poes.

The plans include a building of around 9000 square meters in which guests can explore the world created by Maarten Toonder. The centrepiece will be Meneer Bommel’s castle. The world of Meneer Bommel and Tom Poes will be the central theme for all the attractions. The indoor theme park will include the magical atmosphere of Rommeldam, the Black Mountains and the Dark Trees Forest.¬†¬†Marveld recreation asked TDAC as theme park consultants, to guide them as client representatives through the entire process: master planning, implementation and operation.

At the moment the Bommelwereld theme park is under construction. The construction crews have nearly completed the building, and interior work will begin soon.

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