Peter van wijk consultant monkey town 24indoor

Peter van Wijk

With years of experience in the Fitness- and nutrition industry, Peter van Wijk switched careers in 2012 and started in the leisure industry, focusing on the indoor leisure sector at the Monkey Town Group with an interim job.

After the first successes, Peter joined the Monkey Town Group on a more permanent bases and was held responsible for the expansion and business development of the group. In the years following from 2012-2016 Peter opened more than 30 locations successfully and was responsible for the expansion, funding and (operational) training of these new locations.

In 2017 Peter founded the company, “24Indoor” an international indoor leisure scale-up platform that invests in the indoor leisure sector and acquired the brands Monkey Town, a group with over 55 FEC’s and Streetjump, a group of more than 10 trampoline parks and offers daily recreational activities for more than 6.000.000 visitors per year.

Throughout the years Peter has build-out an organisation of over 65 parks ( combined company owned and franchisees) in 3 countries: The Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany. And the whole organisation counts more 2000 employees. In 2022 24Indoor is still one of the fasted growing companies in the indoor leisure sector in Europe, with a expansion capacity of opening between 8 and 12 successful locations every year, by buy and build strategy.

Peter is specialized in the sectors of FEC’s (family entertainment centres) , indoor playgrounds an trampoline parks and is often asked for advise by suppliers in the leisure industry, landlords and (starting) entrepreneurs for discussions such as: M&A, Business development, Pricing modelling, visitor behaviour, balancing out investment vs turnover, expansions issue’s  and the funding of projects throughout Europe.