The Case

Every 10 years, the Floriade is organized in the Netherlands. This “Bureau International des Expositions” accredited world exhibition will take place in 2022 in Almere, near Amsterdam.

TDAC was honoured to organize a review session one year before opening. We were asked to assess the master planning and the pavilion entries and create an advisory report on how the existing plans can be improved to make the Floriade in 2022 a success.

The Approach

Together with the management of Floriade 2022, we selected a balanced group of external experts, whom we invited to attend a two-day review session. During this review, the management of Floriade 2022 presented its plans and ideas to this group of experts, moderated and structured by TDAC. These plans included master planning, pavilion designs, events, marketing and hospitality. During the reviews, the experts provided suggestions for improvement and discussed as a group identifying the best solutions.

The results of the evaluation session were documented in a report with clear recommendations on how to improve existing plans.