changing mall client into guest, consultancy by TDAC leisure consultants

From a mall visit to a guest experience, Wereldhave.

The case

Wereldhave owns and operates several local malls, so called: Full Service Centers. These Full Service Centers should contribute to a more joyful and comfortable everyday life, a one-stop location for groceries, shopping, leisure, relaxation, sports, health, work and other daily needs. Could they learn something from the leisure world to increase attendance and dwell time, by changing a mall visit to a guest experience?

The Approach

For Wereldhave, TDAC developed a six-step program with the ultimate goal of positively impacting sales by increasing the dwell time and visitor numbers of Wereldhave shopping center visitors.

Based on our extensive experience in creating the perfect guest experience in the theme parks and attraction world, the plan ranged from practical tips in staff training and minor adjustments to an updated mall design. A concrete plan to transform from a mall visit to a guest experience.

The project started with a survey of the current guest experience in the Wereldhave shopping centres. Based on our years of experience in planning and operating theme parks, we translated our vision of guest experience to their existing shopping centres. In a workshop, we discussed our insights, which led to new, often simple, areas for improvement.

We organised a study trip to a major theme park. During the visit, we showed examples of how theme parks are planned and operated to improve the guest experience.

As a deliverable, we delivered a plan to improve the guest experience in their malls. Based on the field research, the client’s development team understood perfectly why the areas for improvement affect the guest experience.

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