Bart Dohmen leisure industry veteran consultant

Bart Dohmen

Since the start of his career Bart Dohmen has been active in the high-end Themed Entertainment world and has worked on many projects in many different executive roles. As an engineer Bart entered the leisure world from the technical side but got really attracted by the multidisciplinary site of the visitor attraction world. After earning a Master Degree at NIMBAS/Bradford university, Bart joined the Executive team of BRC Imagination Arts and became responsible for the European office. In this role Bart was working on projects as as the make-over of Heineken Experience, the EU pavilion at EXPO 2015, 24hr of Le Mans vistor center, World Food Center, Freej Theme Park Dubai, Floriade World fair 2012, and many other brand-center, museum and theme park projects in Europe and the Middle East

Bart has won several awards with projects he worked at. Just to mention a few:THEA Award, AV Award and the Exhibitor EXPO Award.

As a Visitor Experience veteran, Bart is frequently asked to be speaker at international events, and has been on stage at MIPIM, MAPIC, ISE, AHIC Dubai, DEAL, ICSC, IAAPA, TEA and others. Already on a young age, Bart was recognized for his talent and became Chairman of the board at the international Leisure conference TILE in 2005. He got many times interviewed for the industry magazines and more recently Bart Dohmen started to write his own articles.

Coen Bertens

Coen Bertens

Coen Bertens has more than 23 years of experience at Efteling. Efteling is a leading theme park resort in the world with more than 5 million guests annually and more than 3,000 beds in their accommodations.

The first 10 years Coen worked as a Controller. During these 10 years he earned his post-graduate master in finance. After 10 years he switched to Operations. First as Park Manager, later as Deputy Director. The last 8 years of his career at Efteling Coen was member of the Board of Directors of Efteling. The first 4 years as board member Coen was as COO responsible for the operation of the theme park and all hotel and bungalow park accommodations. The last 4 years he managed the theme park and was responsible for 2,300 employees.

During his career Coen and his team achieved a number of awards

– THEA awards for darkride Symbolica

– Brass Ring award for Polles Keuken restaurant

– Most Guest friendly company in the Netherlands

Coen Bertens is very proud of the fact that in the period 2014-2019 under his leadership the number of guests at Efteling increased from 4.4 million to 5.2 million per year, while waiting times at the attractions decreased by 7%. 

Coen is regularly attending and speaking at international leisure events around the globe.

Peter van wijk consultant monkey town 24indoor

Peter van Wijk

With years of experience in the Fitness- and nutrition industry, Peter van Wijk switched careers in 2012 and started in the leisure industry, focusing on the indoor leisure sector at the Monkey Town Group with an interim job.

After the first successes, Peter joined the Monkey Town Group on a more permanent bases and was held responsible for the expansion and business development of the group. In the years following from 2012-2016 Peter opened more than 30 locations successfully and was responsible for the expansion, funding and (operational) training of these new locations.

In 2017 Peter founded the company, “24Indoor” an international indoor leisure scale-up platform that invests in the indoor leisure sector and acquired the brands Monkey Town, a group with over 55 FEC’s and Streetjump, a group of more than 10 trampoline parks and offers daily recreational activities for more than 6.000.000 visitors per year.

Throughout the years Peter has build-out an organisation of over 65 parks ( combined company owned and franchisees) in 3 countries: The Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany. And the whole organisation counts more 2000 employees. In 2022 24Indoor is still one of the fasted growing companies in the indoor leisure sector in Europe, with a expansion capacity of opening between 8 and 12 successful locations every year, by buy and build strategy.

Peter is specialized in the sectors of FEC’s (family entertainment centres) , indoor playgrounds an trampoline parks and is often asked for advise by suppliers in the leisure industry, landlords and (starting) entrepreneurs for discussions such as: M&A, Business development, Pricing modelling, visitor behaviour, balancing out investment vs turnover, expansions issue’s  and the funding of projects throughout Europe.

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